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Biographie The passengers may use the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy to get their reserved flight tickets cancelled. According to the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy, passengers may get their plane tickets refunded. Our primary priorities are the health, safety, and security of both our staff and our customers. In order to comprehend the most recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice and guidelines and to run our services accordingly, Qatar Airways collaborates closely with international and national authorities. Like every airline in the globe, we must strike a compromise between the requirements of our millions of customers and the operational difficulties brought on by the entry restrictions imposed by a number of nations. In light of COVID-19, Qatar Airways acknowledges that certain travellers may want to alter their current travel arrangements (coronavirus). To date, In order to provide our clients with the maximum flexibility and assurance, we correspondingly revised our trade policy. Travelers who are impacted can re-register their tickets for different dates or locations or ask for a full refund without incurring any fees.

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